The Idea

The Tanzfaktur is a place of motion; Movement within the meaning of dance, courses and events, performances and various sporting activities. But even within the meaning of art, in the claim to something moving. These include the interaction of different disciplines and art forms. Therefore the Tanzfaktur provides their performance and practice rooms as exhibition spaces for artists available. The art shown to be more than decoration and ambience. An own expressiveness and new perspectives of the images and objects on display make the Tanzfaktur a place of "art in motion". The rooms are designed according to the idea and open plan.

The Topic

The exhibitions provides a reference to the place of Tanzfaktur. The content frame, the subject of this reference is "the body and movement." The topic may examine the case of the representation of dance and dancers, but also be interpreted abstractly and freely transferable.

The Concept

There are 3 exhibition concepts provided:


Artists can submit their work for an exhibition. What matters is the idea, originality, aesthetic quality and significance of the works. The exhibition concept is to broaden horizons of visitors and provide a crucial reference to the topic "body & movement”.


The Tanzfaktur invites artists to work for a certain time on site. The artists are the dancers at events, samples or even staging events as a motif available. The close proximity and unusually intense cooperation of the performing and visual arts is special. The end result is a presentation of the works created.


Artist and dramaturge working together on a project: The exhibition is part inspiration or a performance, stage design or intervention a event. Dance and art react to each other and form a separate dimension of representation. Perhaps the works are also to visit independently as an exhibition.


Adrián Castelló as member of Tanzfaktur and freelance dancer and choreographer initiated and organizes the Gallery Program in TanzFaktur.

Kai Kullen curate and design the exhibition with experience from the Art Station St. Peter in Cologne and other exhibition projects.

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Adrián with Kai