• IMNE
    "...The movements of Castelló and Constantin, like magnets in their game of repelling and attraction, enthralled the public..." El periodic. Spain
  • IMNE
  • direction: gustavo del rio (sudhum teatro)
  • Performance: irene ballester, ana andújar, adrián castelló, pablo esbert lilienfeld, maría escobar, natalia narbón, luis andrés gomes.
  • Online:

Only the brave people decide what they want to be in life… and only who is pure from heart can reach it


Perseus & medusa

Perseus found the way to cut Medusa's head without looking in her eyes. Maybe it was Medusa who could not handle to look directly to Perseus eyes, or maybe it was a love story what made her weak. However she died in his arms losing the head.

"To become another for some hours or represent other rolls is not easy, even if it’s extremely interesting. But to become a sculpture, with frozen feeling is completely impossible for human beings. So just take it easy and laugh"

This video is part of our work in the video creations of “Benvenuto Cellini” by La Fura del Baus in Oper Köln. The beginning of a long relationship.