• IMNE
    "...The movements of Castelló and Constantin, like magnets in their game of repelling and attraction, enthralled the public..." El periodic. Spain

Own Productions

  • direction: abel martin (la fiesta escénica)
  • company: la fiesta escénica & circus zoppis
  • Online:
 "Circo Acquaatico" (2011). Rome, Italy.

Only the brave people decide what they want to be in life… and only who is pure from heart can reach it

V. R.



Anxiety of a body not being able to handle an emotional situation.

Impotence of the human being to accept a new constellation.

Disappointment of a mind expressed by the repression of the body.


Choreographed and danced by Adrián Castelló.

Tanzfaktur. Cologne, Germany.