• IMNE
    "...The movements of Castelló and Constantin, like magnets in their game of repelling and attraction, enthralled the public..." El periodic. Spain


  • musical direction: lukas beikirchner
  • direction: johannes schmid
  • stage & costume: tatjana ivschina
  • choreography: anna holter
  • dance: Elisa Marshall, Phaedra Pisimisi, Viviana Defazio, Sara Blasco, Darwin Diaz, Adrián Castelló, Yuta Hamaguchi, Johannes Blattner.
  • dramaturgy: dr. bernhard loges
  • Online:

“Vom Mädchen dass nicht schlafen wollte” (2014). Deutsche Oper am Rhein. Düsseldorf.

mit: Alma Sadé/Anke Krabbe, Dimitri Vargin/Bogdan Baciu, Florian Simson/Johannes Preißinger, Elisabeth Selle/Heidi Elisabeth Meier, Susan Maclean/Sarah Ferede, Bruno Balmelli/Stefan Heidemann, Günes Gürle/Torben Jürgens, Paul Stefan Onaga, Attila Fodre, Lukasz Konieczny

Chor der Deutschen Oper am Rhein
Statisterie der Deutschen Oper am Rhein
Düsseldorfer Philharmoniker/altstadtherbstorchester


Only the brave people decide what they want to be in life… and only who is pure from heart can reach it

V. R.



Anxiety of a body not being able to handle an emotional situation. Impotence of the human being to accept a new constellation. Disappointment of a mind expressed by the repression of the body.

Choreography and dance: Adrián Castelló. Tanzfaktur. Cologne, Germany.