• musical direction: motonori kobayashi
  • direction: jens-daniel herzog
  • stage & costume: christian schmidt
  • choregoraphy: ramses sigi
  • dance: Adrián Castelló, Shaw Coleman, Marleen Jakob, David Laera, Birgit Mühlram, Andrew Pan, Shan-Li Peng, Simona Piroddi, Olaf Reinecke, Sandra Stuy
  • Online:

Opera “Rinaldo" by Theater Dortmund.

Goffredo: Katharina Peetz
Almirena: Tamara Weimerich
Rinaldo: Ileana Mateescu
Eustazio: Jakob Huppmann
Argante: Georgios Kanaris
Armida: Eleonore Marguerre
Magician: Maria Hiefinger
Ghost: Brigitte Schirlinger
First Mermaid: Keiko Matsumoto
Second Mermaid: Susann Kalauka
Herold: Min Lee

With: Dortmund Philharmony & Statists of Theater Dortmund

Dramaturgy: Hans-Peter Frings, Georg Holzer
Direction Assistance: Fanny Collet
Stage Assistance: Leif-Erik Heine
Costume Assistance: Dijana Zoradana Elfadivo
Dance-Captain: Olaf Reinecke
Studienleitung: Luca de Marchi
Einstudierung: Philipp Armbruster, Ingo Martin Stadtmüller, Thomas Hannig, Tatiana
Prushinskaya, Sujin Jung
Inspizienz: Alexander Becker, Ulas Nagler

Premiere on 9th January 2016.


Photos: © Thomas M. Jauk


Only the brave people decide what they want to be in life… and only who is pure from heart can reach it

V. R.



Anxiety of a body not being able to handle an emotional situation. Impotence of the human being to accept a new constellation. Disappointment of a mind expressed by the repression of the body.

Choreography and dance: Adrián Castelló. Tanzfaktur. Cologne, Germany.