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    "...The movements of Castelló and Constantin, like magnets in their game of repelling and attraction, enthralled the public..." El periodic. Spain


  • musical direction: christopher sprenger
  • direction: johannes schmid
  • stage & costume: tatjana ivschina
  • choreography: anna holter
  • dance: Viviana Defazio, Francesca Perrucci, Phaedra
    Pisimisi, Bernardo Fallas, Adrián Castelló, Olaf Reinecke
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“Vom Mädchen dass nicht schlafen wollte”. February 2016. Theater Bonn.

Aufführungsdauer: ca. 1 Std., 25 Min.

Premiere. 21st. February. 2016.

Lena - Sumi Hwang
Leander - Maximilian Krummen
Mutter - Ceri Williams
Vater - Daniel Pannermayr
Alba - Stefanie Wüst
Der Mond - Conny Thimander
Totengräber- Rolf Broman
1. Schütze, Flößer Tim - Paul-Stefan Onaga
2. Schütze, Flößer Teo - Enrico Döring
3. Schütze, Flößer Ben - Johannes Marx
1. Musiker - Harald Becker
2. Musiker - Andreas Hall
3. Musiker - Jens Bauer
4. Musiker - Ulrich Köhler

Opernchor und Statisterie des Theater Bonn
Beethoven Orchester Bonn

Licht: Bernd Winterscheid
Choreinstudierung: Marco Medved
Regieassistenz / Abendspielleitung: Mark Daniel Hirsch
Studienleitung / Musikalische Assistenz: Thomas Wise
Ausstattungsassistenz: Mathilde Grebot
Dance Captain: Olaf Reinecke
Musikalische Einstudierung:  Christopher Arpin, Christopher Sprenger, Adam
Szmidt, Thomas Wise
Inspizienz: Tilla Foljanty
Dance Captain: Olaf Reinecke
Sprachcoach: Stefanie Wüst
Leitung Statisterie: Hans-Jürgen Diekmann


Photos © Thilo Beu


Only the brave people decide what they want to be in life… and only who is pure from heart can reach it

V. R.



Anxiety of a body not being able to handle an emotional situation. Impotence of the human being to accept a new constellation. Disappointment of a mind expressed by the repression of the body.

Choreography and dance: Adrián Castelló. Tanzfaktur. Cologne, Germany.