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F.A.C.E. Szabó Visual Performing Arts Ensemble (DE)


Coming Out. Homage to P. P. Pasolini

Directed by Szabó Kristóf


Saturday 26 May, 19 H, Military Circle

Performer: Adrián Castelló

Quotations by P.P.Pasolini

Speech by Barack Obama

Music: Erik Satie, Matthias Spahinger, Nu & Jo Ke, Jan Jelinek, u.a.

Video-Art & Mapping: Kovács Ivó

Sculpture: Mike Kleinen

Choreography: José Sánchez & Szabó Kristóf

COMING OUT tells the story of a young gay man, Catholic like Pasolini, living isolated and lonely. Not able to take it anymore, he makes his way fearful – but without any compromise. He has his coming out, he soon becomes a drag-queen – and has to escape night after night from the raid of the police.

The piece shines light on proscription of gay men and the oppression of homosexuality by law all over the world.

“You lost humanity, I only lost this country“– these words Pasolini wrote about his Catholic home country, Italy. He never disclaimed being Catholic and gay. Has was murdered in 1975.





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