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The ANGELS in short actions ! 02.11.18

Photo: Michael Bruecken

Together, the Cologne Opera and the ANGELS Aerials air theater are bringing a new format to the outer facade of the StaatenHaus. On special dates, the public can enjoy five minutes of air theater, weather permitting.

After the side walls at the main entrance with a view of the Tanzbrunnen, Cologne's only ANGELS Aerials air theater in its new duet deals with the open arc where the arcades converge.
Here - lowered from the highest point of the roof - float two bodies free, find brief support only to themselves and the other.
With each new building, ANGELS Aerials enters new territory. Curiosity and openness to the unknown characterize the work of the Flugtheater ensemble and are a prerequisite for his vision of telling stories anew and making them tangible for everyone.
kept short is the first mini-piece of a series, which should extend over the playing time and the entire outer facades of the States House.


28.10.2018, 18:30 H

31.10.2018, 11 H

02.11.2018, 11 H

04.11.2018, 17:30 Uhr


Direction: Angels Aerials

Performance: Susanne Beschorner, Salim Ben Mammar, Adrián Castelló, Svenja Jaster, Simone Kieltyka, Birgit Mühlram

Climbers: Markus Krökel, Sebastian Inaty, Nicole Pirpamer

Choreography: Susanne Beschorner, Simone Kieltyka