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Kristóf Szabó / F.A.C.E. Visual Performing Arts (DE)



Directed by Kristóf Szabó


Clash of brains
The cross-border artist Kristóf Szabó from Cologne blows the categories of performing arts and has been nominated for the Dance- and the Theatre-Price of Cologne.With BORDERS.BIRDS his ensemble K. Szabó / F.A.C.E. Visual Performing Arts explores the biologically based manifestations of human existence.Territories we mark everywhere, from the edge of a plate to a state. The space, a painting alive, is pulsing with us.There are widths in the brain with enough light for all those, who want to see, and enough darkness for all those, who are desirous for darkness.
In BORDERS.BIRDS the dancers Adrián Castelló and Erik Constantin move rebelliously from one territory into the other, as if they were on the move in the brain; they engrave the thoughts with the drive of their chins.They are accompanied again by the projection-artist Ivó Kovács from Budapest. The abstract-graphic projections he projects on all 3 walls and the floor of the theatre space of the Orangerie – Theater im Volksgarten are paintings in motion, visionary extensions of the horizon.Dancetheatre & projection-Art about impressive behavior in the big city, about the keen signature of man, his questionable demonstrations to be a winner by nature and his fragile desire for flying: crossing the borders.
PROJECTION-ART Ivó Kovács | DANCE Adrián Castelló & Erik Constantin | TEXT: Blaise PascalYoko Ono | LAYOUT Klaus A. Burth | SOCIAL MEDIA: Julia Karl | PR: Mechtild Tellmann Management| AUDIO & FOTO: Mike Kleinen | CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY, DIRECTED BY Kristóf Szabó
Premiere: 21. March 2019 – other days of staging: 22, 23. March 2019The performance starts each day at: 20 h.Orangerie – Theater im Volksgarten | Volksgartenstraße 25│50677 CologneTicket reservations by phone: 0049-(0)221 952 27 08
Further performances:
22 & 23 March 2019 
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