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The high school "Tannenbusch" in Bonn (Germany) invited IMNE to be shown to their students.

"Imne" shows a personal dialogue with own concerns; a disagreement about being in a place where you are not with someone you do not know. A duality of the same personality, a prevention of the other, the fear of the unknown. A personal exploration of man that involves the discovery of himself and a challenge to the intruder. The nationality of origin (Spanish and Dutch), together with the acquired (German), leave traces in the work, enrich them and create a special and authentic language.


Choreography: Adrián Castelló

DanceErik Constantin, Adrián Castelló


“… the movement of Castelló and Constantin, like magnets in their game of repelling and attraction, enthralled the public…”
(Zeitung “El periodic”, Spanien)
...A splendid duo piece where two bodies work in balance until the intimate unexpected end..” 
(Pepa Cases, Vila-real en Dansa Festival, Spanien)
Photo & Video: Mike Kleinen