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Photo: Mike Kleinen


INTER.PHASE is the encounter of man with his cybernetic future. What does it mean to be human when the quest for optimization blurs the boundaries between biology and technology?
INTER.PHASE shows a human society in upheaval, in search of new orientation. Biological and cybernetic life forms are exploring each other, are competing, are winners and losers and inevitably ask the question: Where do I stand?
INTER.PHASE is a multidisciplinary dance-circus performance in which four prototypes use prostheses and sensors to extend the limits of the body.

Click here for the INTER.PHASE teaser:

Concept / Artistic direction / Choreography: Adrián Castelló - Cho. Choreographic Assistance / Dramaturgy: Susanne Beschorner, Carla Jordão - Dance / Performance: Simone Kieltyka, Manuel Kisters, Lena Visser, Adrián Castelló - Costume / Stage design: Katrin Lehmacher - Video: Cornelius Schaper - Photo: Mike Kleinen - PR: Caroline Skibinski - Light & Technique: Gregor Weber

Kindly supported by :
NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW, City of Cologne Kulturamt; 
Kunsthaus Rhenania, Quartier am Hafen, TanzFaktur, Barnes Crossing e.V. -

Thank you all  for your support!