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Photo: Meyer Originals


Our instinct connects the origins of life with its transcendent goal: a mythological journey of man through transformations of the primitive, the (ir) rational of the emotion. A random decision that reflects your own indecision or naivety.

With its contemporary expression, this male trio speaks of the corporeality of human evolution and its identity. The disciplines of contemporary dance and aerial circus shape this artistic work. Strength, energy and rhythm are his parameters.

The Spanish choreographer Adrián Castelló and the Italian designer Giacomo Bevanati, living in Cologne and London, bring design objects into motion in their new piece. The international team of this multidisciplinary work is composed of the nationalities of Spain, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands and Germany.



Concept / Artistic Direction / Choreography: Adrián Castelló

Chore. Assistance / Aerial Beratung: Simone Kieltyka

Dance: José Ma Ortiz, Manuel Kisters, Adrián Castelló

Masks Design: Giacomo Bevanati

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