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A young man who no longer feels anything and has become a stranger to himself. In a functionalized reality, he visits self-help groups of people who are terminally ill in order to share their feelings. He meets Marla Singer, who seems to be suffering from a similar loss of self. And he encounters Tyler Durden, his counterpart - free, anarchic, pure body, pure emotion - whom he falls for. Until it escalates.

"You are not your job. You are not your account balance. You are not the car you drive. ... You are the singing and dancing scum of the world. "Two voices, two bodies -" Fight Club ".


31.01.2020, 20 H

Tanzfaktur, Siegburgerstrasse 235, 50679 Cologne

Further performances:

01-02.02.2020, 20 H

14-15.02.2020, 20 H



Artistic Direction: Heinz Simon Keller

Acting: Jean-Luc Bubert, Tim-Fabian Hoffmann

Dance: Adrián Castelló, Emmanuel Edoror


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