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Vertical Dance at Gasometer in Wuppertal!! 27.08.21


Length 30 Minutes



Flying like a bird, free or locked in a (thought) cage, tied up in constructs of norm, of normality.

The 3 dancers Adrián Castelló, Irina Hortin and Gabriele Koch dance the former gas boiler in Heckinghausen at a height of 30m and thereby shift the levels of dance and perception.

Accompanied by projections by the artist Zara Zoë Gayk, this performance plays with worlds of thought and feelings and tests the limits of physical possibilities.

Feather for the risk that gives birth to liveliness?


Premiere 27.08.21 - 21.00 H

Further 28.08.21, 03.09.21, 04.09.21, 17.09.21, 18.09.21

All at 21.00 H


Eine Produktion von TheCIE von Gabriele Koch und Irina Hortin


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