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Dancers are ready, Stage is finished...  The Premiere is coming !!

Fiddler on the Roof

Musical von Jerry Bock

It's pre-revolutionary Russia in the largely Jewish community of Anatevka, Ukraine, whose residents are ruled by community and cultural traditions. For poor dairy farmer Tevye and his wife Golde, those traditions include getting the town matchmaker, Yente, to find their five daughters - the three oldest, Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava, who are barely of marrying age - suitable wealthy husbands, especially important since the girls will have no dowries. Tzeitel, not yet twenty, doesn't like that Yente only chooses old men, she who is mutually in love with the poor tailor, Motel. Motel doesn't believe Tevye would approve of a union between him and Tzeitel because of Motel's poor socioeconomic state, and without someone arranging the union. Hodel understands these traditions better than her elder sister, Hodel who has her sights on the rabbi's son, because of what he is, not because of who he is. Chava accepts her fate, marriage still being years away, but she hopes for someone she will love while she now focuses on her love of books. Change away from those traditions is in the air, which is confirmed by Perchik, a young man, a student espousing Marxist ideals, recently arrived from Kiev. This change may affect what happens matrimonially with Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava. But this change is also in the form of anti-Jewish sentiments sweeping across Europe, which may affect what happens to Tevye, his family, and the Jewish community in Anatevka as a whole.


Premiere Sunday, 18. September 2016, 18.00 Uhr

Theater Aachen

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18. | 25. September 2016
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21. Mai 2017

Musikalische Leitung: Justus Thorau

Inszenierung: Ewa Teilmans

Bühne und Kostüme: Andreas Becker

Choreographie: Hakan T. Aslan

Fiddler Benedikt Voellmy
Rabbi Rainer Krause
Tevye Bart Driessen
Golde Irina Popova
Tzeitel Lisa Katharina Zimmermann
Mendel, sein Sohn Stefan Hagendorn, Remco Vink
Hodel Soetkin Elbers
Chava Michal Bitan
Perchik Benedikt Voellmy
Shprintze Amelie Marseille
Fedja Hannes Schumacher
Bielke Eleana Kyrimi
Lazer Wolf Pawel Lawreszuk
Yente Rebecca Or
Motel Patricio Arroyo, Sebastian Franz
Mordechai, der Wirt Vasilis Tsanaktsidis
Komissar Hermann Killmeyer
Fruma-Sarah Sanja Radisic
Shandel, Mottels Mutter Antonella Schiazza
Avram, ein Buchhändler Jorge Escobar
Nachum, ein Bettler May Bellefroid
Oma Tzeitel Rebecca Or
Yussel Johannes Piorek
Russische Soldaten Lasha Ziwziwaadze, Munki Jeong, Woo-Sung Kang, Hans Schaapkens
Sasha Ayberk Esen
Sashas Freunde Hani Andary, Kevin Ruijters, Ruben Sanchez, Javier Ojeda Hernandez, Ken Bridgen, Adrián Castelló, Michal Czyz
Opernchor Aachen, Extrachor Aachen, Sinfonischer Chor Aachen, Sinfonieorchester AachenMandoline: Martin Hoffmann

Orchester: Sinfonieorchester Aachen