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Tanzfaktur is openning the doors for all of you!! Come and meet us!! 11.05.19

If you live in Cologne and you are thinking about put some dance in your life, this is the perfect chance to try out the good place for dance.

On 11 of May, Tanzfaktur have a full program with a short try out - classes of 45 min and workshops of 90 min with some of the teachers of the house. Different dance disciplines and styles that you and your family can join in paralel for free.

I´m going to give a workshop of "Aerial / Contemporary", it´s a fusion between the Aerial technic from the new Circus and floor technic from the contemporary dance. Come and try it out!!

Video and pictures:

 To check the whole programm:

We invite you and all your people to come and check us out!


Siegburgerstrasse 233w

50679 Cologne