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Dance and performance for Children!! Premiere on 14.09.2019


from 6 Jahre | Length 50 Minutes


KRISTÓF SZABÓ / FACE Visual Performing Arts

Yoko is poor and has no money to live on. She asks Te, the sorceress, for help. Te sends Yoko a sheep, but not ordinary: Mo can turn into a tame tiger. First, Yoko is disappointed with the present - but then she has an idea: She lets the fake tiger stroke for money. She earns a lot and gets rich. She does not think about the sheep alone and lets it work day and night; until it gets sick and almost dies. That's where the sorceress Saskia saves her and punishes Yoko for her greed: Yoko has to live in the forest until she dies. In the forest Yoko understands the laws of nature and learns to respect animals and plants. She gives away her only possession, a golden bell, to the people and for the first time experiences shared happiness in her beautiful sound.

About respect for animals and plants - A classic of Japanese folk tales: 



TE ( dt. HAND): Eva-Marianne Kraiss |

YOKO (よこ おの dt. YOKO) Theresia Erfort |

MO ( dt. AUCH) - DER FALSCHE TIGER: Adrián Castelló

Text, Choreogray-Direction: Kristóf Szabó


Theater Horizont, Thürmchenwall 25, 50668 Cologne


Premiere: 14.September 2019 - 15 H

Further Dates in 2019: 15. September 2019 - 14 H

Further Dates in 2020: 08, 09, 15, 16. February and 07, 08. March 2020 - 14 H 


Tel: 0221 131604


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