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New own piece is coming in Autum!! 22.10.2021




Based on the idea of ​​“The world after Corona”, the piece explores the question of what life requires of us: to end old behavior patterns, to continue them changed or to replace them with new ones. Aliveness, energy and creation arise through change. The choreography transfers people's social behavior into a transitive - changing system of coordinates.
A chess game in which the pieces can be changed in color and shape depending on the interests, in which the rules of the game vary depending on the situation and in which the intentions determine the game. Unexpected intersections, variables, parameters and coordinates.
IN_TRANSIT starts a new social system of the atypical game in which the index of decisions changes unexpectedly due to new variables and parameters. Humans are defined as the first rational species to endow their social behavior with a superior complex structure. What if social rules change or even renew unexpectedly and repeatedly? Position, constellation and intentions, which are guided by uncontrollable parameters, determine a new society, a new game system in which the only stability lies in constant change.




Concept/ Artistic Direction / Choreography: Adrián Castelló

Dance: Wolfrun Schumacher, Ken Konishi, Andrea Kößler

Dramaturgy: Simone Kieltyka

Outside Eye: Carla Jordão, Julia Riera

Stage / Costum Design: Katrin Lehmacher

Media Design: Roberta de Lacerda

Video: Cornelius Schaper

Light: Tobias Schwietz

Management & Press: Winfried Hoffmann



Tanzfaktur, Siegburgerstrasse 233W, 50690 Cologne, Germany.


22.10.2021, 20 H.

23.10.2021, 20 H,

24.10.2021, 18 H